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Trial-World Kids Carbon Handlebar

39,90 € incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping costs

Ultralight 3K-Carbon Handlebar, ideal for children up to approxiamte12 years.
The geometry fits fantastic to kids-bikes, cause of it’ small hight.
Of course it’s possible to shorten the handlebar to an individual length.
The Handlebar has a standard 31,8mm oversized clamp. The Clamp area is roughened, so it’s not necessary to use adhesion paste.
The surface is coated with a thick transparent lacquer, for great carbon –look.

We tested these handlebars many years successful with kids!

Breite: 660mm
Gesamthöhe: 47mm
Kröpfung nach oben: 6°
Kröpfung nach hinten: 9°
Gewicht: 115,6g

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