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SQlab Handlebar 3OX Trial Fabio Wibmer

99,90 € incl. Tax excl. Shipping costs

This is the new Sqlab Fabio Wibmer street aluminium handlebar

Choosing the right handlebar is crucial when it comes to bike handling, especially in the Trials area. During the development process Fabio tested many handlebars to make the 3OX Trial as stable and light as possible.
The 3OX Trial Fabio Wibmer increases the front end considerably compared to normal handlebars due to its 84 mm rise and is therefore the ideal partner for the 8OX Trial stem. The cockpit height resulting from this combination makes it possible to shift the body's center of gravity effortlessly over the rear wheel to generate the right "pop" for bunny hops and other tricks.
9° Backweep and 5° Upsweep ensure a physiologically correct transition between forearm and hand to create an elbow position that allows an active riding style. This way the hard impacts that occur during trial riding can be cushioned as gently as possible.

Clamping: 31.8mm
Width: 730mm
Shortened maximum width: 680mm
Rise: 84mm
Backsweep: 9°
Up- / Downsweep: 5°/0°
Clamp width of stem: Min. 46 mm – max. 58mm
Weight: 330g
Colour: Black anodized with gold coloured logos

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