Clean, Crewkerz, Ozonys…
The undisputed market leaders and top brands in competitive trials sports,
exclusively available in Germany at Trial-World!

Of course, you will also find the Comas, TMS, and Jitsie range with us.
(These manufacturers are exclusively from Europe!)

18" Trial Bikes

Kids with about 5 or six years are often overwhelmed with 20" Bikes. This is the category with trialbikes...

20" Trial Bikes

The most popular category of trial bike that gave rise to the discipline. You can find here a complete...

24" Trial (Street) Bikes

The perfect mix between the maneuverability of 20" bikes and all the advantage of the bigger wheels. If...

26" Trial Bikes

Wide range of 26" bikes of the best brands of trial: Crewkerz, Ozonys and Rockman.

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