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BBB Pump Traveller Telescopic BMP-53

43,77 € incl. Tax excl. Shipping costs

This pump provides all ideal prperties for use in trial sport:
-Compact size
-Big pumping performance
The BBB Traveller Telescopic is a lightweight telescopic pump made of finest 6063-T6 aluminium.
In extended position this pump has a height of 60cm and provides by stroke almost the double volume of a usual mini pump, or rather the volume of a floor pump.

The pump has a foldable steel leg and a rotatable T-handhold, which doesn't hurts in your ball of the thumb.
The pump-head is screwed on your valve and provides therefore secure, seal, perfect fit.
Fits to all valves (Dunlup, Schrader, Sclaverand).
In addition they integrated a pressure gauge until 12 PSI

Part of supply is also assembly material to mount the pump on a frame, (what no one of us will use, lol).

Weight: 227,3g without assembly material
Length: 320mm folded, 600mm extended


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