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Clean Pro Stem 27,6°

60,90 € incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping costs

The Clean Pro stem comes with total new refinements.
Developed and extensive tested by Abel Mustieles is this stem forged of finest AW 21014 aluminium.

The new geometry with 27,6° angle offers a totally new riding feeling.
The clamping occurs by an ergonomic performed clamp with hinge. Therefore you can change your handlebar without demounting grips or brake levers (2x M6x18).
The inner side of the clamping has a solid riffle to provide a secure hold of the handlebar.

The Clean Pro stem has an integrated top cap! It's no more necessary to cut the steerer tube diagonally.
The steerer tube clamping uses also two M6x18 bolts.
The gallows has a special trapezes profile which guarantees the best stiffness and stability.

Part of supply is also a M6x45 bolt for the integrated top cap.

Length: 130,6mm, 141,6mm, 152,6mm, 163,6mm
Angle:  27,6°
Clamp height: 32mm ideal steerer tube length (maximum), 25mm minimum
Clamp: 31,8mm
Colour: Black anodized (red clamps)
Weight: 238,0g/130,6mm, 243,4g/141,6mm, 245,3g/152,6mm, 248,0g/163,6mm each + ahead bolt with 11,5g


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