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TMS Silex V4 20“ Deep Blue 2021 Streetbike

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Here comes the new TMS Silex V4 20“ Streetbike.
TMS is a specialist for trial sport from France and was founded in 2010 by world champion Thibaut Marriaux.
Therefore TMS fits perfect to the Trial-World assortment with just european brands!

This bike is perfect for all trial enthusiasts between 8 and 13 years or 130cm to 155cm, body height.
The geometry and construction is tailored exactly to the bigger 24“ Silex . The short wheelbase makes this bike very versatile. So rotations and other tricks become simplified while keeping a well-ballanced riding behaviour.
The frame is made of 100% CroMoly-steel and was deveolped and tested by french rider Mathieu Rey.
This steel alloy provides properties which are popular by many riders, especially cause of its comfort and stability.
Steel absorbs floor unevenness and offers comfort and riding pleasure. Whether off-road, on the street, in the forst, in the skate-park, or on the pump-track.
In addition to this the steel makes a construction with thinner tubes possible, what results in a weight reduction.
The result is a clear and sophisticated aesthetic. The design of the logos and the tattoo-style calligraphy was created by Yann Dunant.

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