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Ozonys Crown 24“ 2020 Streetbike Black

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The new Ozonys Crown 24“ 2020 is a street bike, which was designed for professional street trials, but also beginners will appreciate its versatile geometry.

The frame and fork are made of hight strength chrome molybdenum steel. Steel offers thanks to its elastic properties a high level of shock absorbtion, which is espspecially essential for newcomers.

Brakes are in trials a very important point. Therefore the Crown model offers you three different options:

Magura MT4 HC, MT7 or Hope Tech 3
(Note: Pictures show a model with Hope Tech 3 brakes!)

Theses three options garantees an optimal brake performance. The differencies are the power transmission, the lever travel and the lever ergonomics.
The right brakes for every individual customer.
Furthermore all components of the Crwon bikes are choosed practice-oriented.

The new features as shortcut:

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Magura MT4 HC
Magura MT7
Hope Tech 3
Without brakes

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